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Highland Company

Thanks for allowing me to join the forum.
I was particularly interested in the Highland Company research page as my 3x Gt Grandfather transferred from the Lochaber Fencibles to the 95th on 12th July 1800. His record shows he served with the 95th for exactly 10 years  (was that usual?) before transferring to the 9th Royal Veterans.
I'd love to find out more about where he actually served during his 10 years and would appreciate any advice on how to go about finding this out.

Sandy McJ

Hello Sandy
This enquiry should have gone in the main Forum. I nearly overlooked it.
Ben is likely to be the most knowledgeable on this but try this first:

Also give us the name and as much detail as you can.


Thanks for this. The link you provided took me to an area I don't seem to have permission to access, but I'll put another post with more info in the general forum.

Ah sorry - that's my fault for not realising it was on our research forum - but if Ben will allow we could cut and paste it here.  There were some images of a nominal roll for the Highland Company in 1808 but these seem to have self erased. Hopefully Ben may be able to comment.
Ben Townsend

Hi Guys, sorry, I thought I had replied to this previously. There is an article on the open website that addresses the Highland Company story. Its a bit of an old one, but enjoy it for what it is,

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