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Hello, gents

Hello there everyone,

I'm always a little nervous about going on a new forum but here we go! My name is Scarlett, I am currently a student studying an MA in Costume. I've always been highly interested in historical re-enactments, I have wanted to join a group for years. Sadly, those in my local area are few and far between and most of those that I have found are from periods which I have little interest in. However, I finally stumbled upon this little gem with much delight considering I will be finishing my course this year, which means I can start getting involved in such things as this group!

I love this particular period of history, and absolutely adore the military uniforms of the period. As a hobby I make costumes and Iíve already made a Prussian court-uniform circa 1817 (so a little later than the based period) and am in the process of making a Prussian Hussar Uniform for a friend and my own 95th Rifles Uniform for myself Ė I doubt mine will compare to the beautiful uniforms you have though! (I admit Iíve been taking sneaking looks at your website for further information on how to make various bits of the uniform  - I hope that is alright?)

Anyway, I hope to maybe start getting involved sometime in the future, hopefully. I have ordered my pack to have a good read-through and such-like, so hopefully that will arrive soon. Iíve read up information on the website, including the information on women. Alas though I have no interest in being involved as a girl! I would want to wear the gorgeous military uniforms and have a rifle of my own Ė any chance I could do this? I have often dressed up as a boy for numerous events and costumes that I have made and have the full kit to sort myself out.

Anyway this has turned into a bit of an essay hasnít it? Apologises for that. Again, Iíd just like to say hello it is very nice to be here and hopefully I will be able to see some of you guys at an event or somesuch in the future.

Paul Durrant

Dear Scarlett,

Many thanks for your post. We always welcome newcomers on the forum - remembering we were all nervous making our first tentative post.

It's great hearing praise for our uniforms - especially as Sgt Gower (who makes them) only ever receives scorn and insult from us (that's for his mere existence, not his uniforms), and we do try our hardest for authenticity through our research into the life and material culture of the 95th.

On that note, we've got to sadly turn you down as a potential recruit to the ranks of Riflemen for, unlike Nelson's Navy, we have found no historical reference to women (disguised or not) being found in the ranks. I wish we had as we'd probably double the size of the unit overnight!

However, there are other units in our band of Napoleonic/Wellington's Army re-enactors that we know women in ranks. There are certain cavalry units for sure; I think the Coldstream Guards also (correct me if I'm wrong, readers) and I'm told some french units.

So again, sorry. But please do keep following - and hopefully contributing to - our research forum. We welcome new input.


Ah, I figured such might be the case. My luck at finding a regiment that takes on girls has been very difficult! The few I have found seem to have not updated their event webpages since the early 2000s, so I have no idea if the regiment is still active or not! - I suppose it is a case of still hunting about, after all who wants to be a girl sitting on the sidelines when there is a chance to go out on the battlefield?

I will certainly keep my eyes set on this website and forum though, they are both very informative indeedm and everyone seems very friendly. I hope to go to an event to observe anyway at somepoint this year so perhaps I will catch a glimpse of a number of you all.
Ben Townsend

Sorry we can't accommodate you. The Coldstream Guards are a very good unit who have women in the ranks. As do many of the NA units representing French (check the Napoleonic Association website). The French also have flashier uniforms q45

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