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Mike From Mississippi

Hello and a question...

Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Mike Bryant and I live in Vicksburg, Mississippi. I became interested in the Rifles back in the early 1980's when I read my first novel by a man named Bernard Cornwell.

I've been reenacting since 1989 over here, both American Civil War (US infantry) and World War II (1st Bn RUR, 6th ABN DIV), and purchased a Baker rifle last month. I hope to have my kit together enough to take the field at Chalmette (New Orleans) in Jan '08.

I have been following along with interest your research for the proper cartridge box and bullet pouch for this period. My question is, which size (capacity) cartridge box is correct for a Rifleman? 36 round? 50 round?60?

Thanks in advance for the assistance.


Hi Mike, welcome to the 2/95th Forum.

Sadly there are no originals we know of. All we have is the 1802 clothing regulation to go by. and these are only a draft of what was planned and may not have been brought into service.

These regulations state the 95th were to be issued a 36 round pouch. 12 in a wooden block and 24 in a tin box underneath it. These would only be used when the rifleman needed to increase his rate of fire when hard pressed, where useing a seperate ball became impractibale. I don't doub't that they went over to useing cartridges much earlier when the lead started firing. If this is so there ready made ammo would be used up very quickly. So possible after the Rifles first campians they may have gone over to the standard 60 round pouch. I have not read or seen any period documentation to support this and so is just a theory.

Last year we went over to the 36 type pouch though just to make life easy our wooden blocks hold 26 rounds with another 20 in a tin box underneath.

Which 95th unit are you in?

All Best and hope to hear from you very soon.


Mike From Mississippi

Re: Hello and a question

Hello Dave,

Thanks for the help. I think I have found a reproduction one online which is similiar to what you described, so that is one more obstacle overcome. Now to find a ball pouch...

I guess I am what you might consider an independent as far as unit affiliation goes, because there are no Rifles anywhere near me that I am aware of. I live in the Deep South where American Civil War reenacting is really popular, with World War 2 gaining prominence, but F&I, Rev War, and 1812 are extremely limited. The only event put on near here where British troops are wanted is New Orleans.

Who makes your uniforms? They look really sharp. (No pun intended). Smilie_PDT

Thanks again,

Hi Mike, it is worth getting in touch with the 95th groups over there, they may be willing to share their reserch with you.

Our uniforms are made within the unit. We got fed up with trying to find a reliable taylor, so as with most of our kit we make in house. The only items we buy in our the canteens, leather work and regimental cap.

Keep in touch


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