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Hello All

Well I have enquired about joining the 95th and waiting on the relevant information to hit my doorstep.

Firstly I'll introduce myself.

Well I'm Kieran I am 25, I'm ex serving forces (Royal Navy), I spent four years in service and left around this time last year, since then I've been getting by working security and desperate to find a better form of employment but with the fincial climate as it is I'm glad to be working... as alot of friends who left around the sametime as myself have had no choice but to join up again. I fired my Rifle only in training as I mainly worked aboard HMS Ocean as an Aircraft Handler, I also spent considerable amount of time in Cornwall. I served 2 years on board and 2 years shoreside.

I come from the beautiful county of South Yorkshire and from a small place just outside of Doncaster and very close to Sheffield (I also support the very team that the beloved Sharpe does.), I've been really interested in the Napoleonic era for some years now all starting with the Sharpe series and then the books kindly given to me by my Uncle. I have read a few bits of material on the period and the 95th but I wouldn't consider my knowledge to be anything other than a bit above basic. But this paticular era is a certain period of history that captures my imagination the most only closely rivialed by ancient Japan.

What else to tell, I've spent a few years training in Martial Arts, but have been rather inactive in training recetly due to the hours I work. I love football and I'm regular at Bramall Lane.

So thats a bit of insight into me.

Reason I decided to look into re-enactment was by total fluke and off chance, my good lady's sister will be having her 30th birthday next December and I stated I would like to go as a 95th rifle so I spent spare hours at work trying to find the uniforms and found them to be more expensive than first thought, scrolling down the many google pages and not finding much of anything of substance I decided to search for the fighting 95th, I found three main sites, and spent the previous five days constantly looking at the pictures and youtube videos. I could slowly feel the urge that sparks my interest building and found me constantly hovering back to this website first, and here I am getting myself into god knows what but from what I've read it will be throughly good fun.


Hi Kieran

Welcome to our friendly forum, I am sure you will find us all welcoming.
Nice to see someone from the north. I am from Oldham. Our members are spread all around the country in places such as kent, south wales, midlands, Yorkshire, London etc.

Hopefully our CO will send you some information in the post which will explain a bit more about our unit. The best way to find out about us is to come along to one of our events, unfortunately we have just had our last event of year. Our next ones will be training events at the Chiltern Open Air Museum. These are non public events where we all get together to practice drill and hopefully have a bit of play as well, if the Sergeant lets us.
The training dates are :
30/31 January 2010  Training weekend at Chiltern Open Air Museum
27/28 Feb 2010 Training weekend at Chiltern Open Air Museum
20/21 March 2010 Training weekend at Chiltern Open Air Museum

So you was in the Royal Navy, serving on board a Target!  I am an ex Royal Navy Submariner and served on HMS/M Splendid and Trafalgar (many years ago!)

Hi Iain yeah I served on a target as you call them, closet thing I went to a sub was when we visted one I have major respect for guys who did or do sub work as I honestly wouldn't be able to cope.  Smilie_PDT  the conditions on board our ship was bad enough and space was tight but those subs are something else for tight space.  The ship I was on was notrious for breaking down.

How long did you serve?

Feb and March are two very possible dates or at least one will be I have to check days off but sure I could book one of them off for certain. More likely the march one. The CO has already told me stuff will be on the way in the post so I look forward to recieving the information.

Another new member!

Welcome to the site, I too was looking at the 3 Rifle groups, I'm glad I joined this one. Really glad.

It's gonna be a wet winter / spring!

Hi Kieran

I spent 10 years in the Royal Navy, I joined as a Tiffy specialising in radio systems. I certainly never regret joining up, I had some great times.

Cheers Billy, I'm sure I'll soldier through it  Smilie_PDT

Are they were phasing the Tiffs out not long after I joined Iain, I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would but very glad I joined and have no regrets also.
Hagman's roadie

Welcome Kieran, you've certainly come to the right place.
I'm a reasonably new member myself having taken the King's shilling earlier this year and I'm totally hooked.
Hopefully we'll see you at one of the training weekends.

You most certainly will and with days worked out and booked off and family events going off around me it will be the march one.  Smilie_PDT
Ben Townsend

Perhaps you can shed some light on this?
"In MoD files that were declassified over the weekend are papers that reveal the real reasons behind the Allies' victory in the Battle of the Atlantic"


lmfao Ben.

my sides are hurting still from that other joke, but now...!

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