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Greetings from the Colonies!

Thanks for this great forum & the ability to discuss everything Rifles! A little about myself, My name is Zach, I currently reside in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the Ol' USA. I am researching the Rifles, both the 95th & the 60th (seeing as the 60th got their start here in America Smilie_PDT ). I am a reenactor of the American Civil War & hold the "rank" of 1st Sgt. in the 45th PA. Vols. I am also working on Crimean and Indian Mutiny & 2nd China War impression as well. I have almost my entire kit for my 60th Sgt. Mjr.(sorry :( no 95th) together and had a few questions that maybe you can help me with. The Museum in Winchester has helpd w/ general uniform questions, but w/ some ??'s not @ all. Were crossbelts (Inkermann w/ whistle) worn by Sjts. in the field? If so, were they worn seperate or on the cartridge box strap? I also have a question about whistle calls! IF you can help me out w/ that please PM me or let me know. Trousers, I have seen Green, Dark Grey and White Linen all w/ a trouser stripe... which is correct?!  

Sorry for the long post!
Thanks again in advance for all of your help!
1st Sgt. Bleacher
45th PVI. Co.K
Sgt. S. Turner
5/60th Rifles
Hagman's roadie

welcome to the forum Zach, you've come to the right place for answers.
Our Serjt Gower is an ex 60th man so I'm sure he'll be along to help shortly.
The 60th wore blue trousers I believe. It is possible that they may have had scarlet piping.
Our company Serjt wears his chain and whistle on his cross belt (cartridge box strap).
Cant help with the whistle calls (yet) much to the chagrin of the Serjts  Smilie_PDT

There is a wealth of knowledge here so someone will be along to help out I'm sure


Hi Zach and welcome to our fourm.

I've not seen any reference to Serjt of the 5/th60th having a lions head and whistle. This does dot mean they didn't, as it was common for LI serjts to have this. We in the 95th are lucky as there is a direct reference to this. We wear them on our cross belts for the cartridge box but also when we are acting as Adjutant for the camp we would wear it on a cross belt similar to the Officers. I'll pm you the whistle calls.

As for the trousers or pantaloons, the 5/60th started out with dark blue pantaloons with a red stripe on the outer seam. But as the war progressed I don't doubt that they would have worn other types and colours. Probably the standard infantry grey overalls, as did the 95th. The 60th was a bit of a bugger anyway being a large regiment upto 8 battalions I think, all the Rifle Batts uniforms were different. I take it you know that there is a 5/60th in the States and there is a 7/60th in Canada.

No worries about the long thread, "it's good to talk".

All Best

Serjt Dave

Thanks everyone! I met w/ a gentleman Lee Brenneison, he lives in Ohio and was a help w/ this. Seeing as I am focusing on the 1850's and 60's would the Blue and Grey trousers still be correct? I have asked The museum/Depot in Winchester, & have gotten Plate pictures from them, but info is mismatching (as it usually does). Again, thank you for all the help! I hope to get pictures up submitted soon, for critiques and such.

P.S. Any idea where I can pick up a Sjt's sword??



The 1st/60th King's Royal Rifle Corps were in Canada until 1850 (returned later) so a lot is known about their pre-1855 uniform here.  If you are doing a summer time impression, all rifle corps had summer weight green trousers made of woolen serge.  Men transferring into rifle corps often complained about the added expense of this private purchase necessary.   I thought the whistle calls were in the 1854 Infantry drill manual...  I used to use whistle calls in our 20-man unit of 1843 Royal Canadian Rifles (styled after the 60th) back in the early 1980s.  We even used original Brunswick Rifles.  The whistle is on the Cartridge pouch belt. Rifle Sergeants wore sword bayonets like the men.  

The above points also pertain to the post-1855 uniform as well.

TRIVIA    The last British regiment to leave the "Gibraltar of North America" - Quebec City - was the 60th Rifles in 1871.  They marched out of the citadel and to the boats singing Auld Lang Syne and Goodbye Sweetheart Goodbye.  Cool eh.  

Good luck,


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