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Grandad the newest member

Hello, I thought I'd say Hi to you all at the 95th.  I was hoping to attend the Training Event last weekend but as was unable to due to family commitments.    I am planning to get to the February meeting at Waltham Abbey .

I am 95% sure I will be taking the Kings Shilling and I hope the February event will make it the full 100%.

I thought I’d take the opportunity to introduce myself.   I am a 51 yr old retired Police Officer and now run my own Heating business.  I was known as Granddad  by my old shift and the name stuck.  My fiancée is a costume make and has worked with TV and film companies as well as stage Companies, she is currently working with a touring opera company.   She is looking forward to meeting some of you at the February training event.

I have to confess that my interest was stirred by a certain TV series which I understand by reading the forum is not mentioned  Smilie_PDT .
I have compared the re enactment sites and was drawn to the 2nd by the interaction and friendliness of your forum.  So here’s hoping.

Anyway as you can see I waffle a lot so I close by saying looking forward to meeting some of you in February

The Sarge!


no worries mate, we always look forward to meeting new recruits and hope that they all enjoy the weekend and take the King's Shilling.

you won't be the youngest member, and to make you feel a little better you certainly won't be the oldest member either. we have a couple in their 50's.

all one needs is the passion to take part and a very good sense of humour.

with regards the 'Sharpe', thing have no fear, that is how most of us obtained our interest in this particular period and regiment. its more of a fun thing to not mention, 'Sharpe', that is. Monty Python on the other hand is a must. that is the level of humour we aim for.

if you have any questions feel free to contact the Recruiting Sgt anytime.

Hi Bob, welcome to our forum.  Having the nickname Grandad not too bad our latest recruit will be for ever known as LA LA. And we won't even mention Delilah Bin Laden will we paul!

looking forwards to meeting you at our February Training Weekend, hopefully the weather will be a bit drier.

Any questions please feel free to contact the Sarge or use our fourm.

All Best

Cpl Dave

Thanks guys see you soon


First off  I would like to say on behalf of Freya and myself a very big thank you for making this weekend absolutely brilliant.  From the moment we arrived,  Blakey welcomed Freya by name as she got out the car, to saying goodbye to you all this afternoon,  you all made us both feel so welcome.  By last Saturday evening Freya and I felt like we had known all of you for years and not just 12 hrs.  I can’t say how fantastic (and tired ) we felt, we did not stop talking about the weekend whilst driving home.  
I have learnt so much in such a short time, my brain is still hurting.  :shock:

To anyone thinking of joining 2/95th  I can only say  get to a training weekend by the end of it you well know without doubt if it’s for you or not.  The group are friendly, passionate and professional in there approach to the Regiment and the Peninsular wars

Thanks again people you’re great

Rob/ Freya

I can't agree with you more bobby. This weekend was great.
Thanks to everyone who made it possible.... apart from the train journeys that is Smilie_PDT

Oh, Dave, on the way home, I picked up the Virgin magazine, and they had a map of the lines from Euston. One of them goes straight to Holyhead (via Rhyl etc) but it only runs on weekdays and for £31 return!

I lied. It's £31 one-way... well I didn't, the magazine did.

Hi Billy, Bob and Freya.

Thank you for your kind words {and the cheque in the post}.

It was really great to meet you all and we hoped you enjoyed yourself with us. As you say Spending a weekend away with us is the only way to find out if this is the hobby for you.

We all look forwards to seeing you all again very soon.

Cpl Dave

Huzzah!  I made it here.

Here here, I had a phenominal time.

Thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcome.
I only really came along with Rob for moral support but got hooked!

I don't want to step on anyone's toes (so sorry) but I'm chomping at the bit to make a Shako with Dave H.

We can definately come to the next weekend too Smilie_PDT


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