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silver shilling

Friend of the 2/95th?

Maybe the answer to my question exists already, but if it does i can't find it.

I am 64 years old and live in the Dordogne France. I never have been back to the UK in the 11 years i have lived here, nor do i intend to.
This  already precludes my joining the 2/95th. I am passionately interested in researching the history of the Napoleonic campaign and have already learnt so much from the forum.

I was in the Sealed Knot (Captain generals regiment) in their early days and then in the §COHT reenacting the British life in the US early 19th century.

So is it possible to join as a friend of the 2/95th so that i can have access to the 'members only' sections? I dont mind paying my way, just cant find the appropriate way of doing it::

Paul Durrant

Hi Mike,
And welcome to the forum.

That's an interesting request. Let me check it out with the others and see what they think. I've a feeling we don't take overseas members but let me find out and get back to you.

In meantime, if you have a Facebook account, you'll probably find this page of interest. The information is random, being on an FB page, but interesting and very informative nevertheless.


Paul D

Hi Mike.

We do have a couple of overseas members but they have joined to be part of us at Waterloo 2015 and I don't doub't we will have a few more before then. We also have non-members in our members section. They tend to be friends {yes we do have some friends, I think?} and contribute regulary to our forum.

Although our research isn't secret and we share much of it on the open forum threads, some of it's gained by members who have spent time money and effort in researching different things and may wish to keep it underwraps for awhile.

Our forum is a big pot in which all are welcome to take from but we do appreciate others filling it up with good stuff.

So do you have some tempting treats to share please?

All Best

silver shilling

Oh that i did Dave!!I used to be the European Governor of the 'Coalition of Historical Trekkers' (what a mouthful!!) and I portrayed an english explorer in 1804 (just at the time when napoleon had sold the middle of the US for a paltry sum!!) and at that time many of the acoutrements were British army issue,

I am interested in the 1810-1815 period as it was a time of great change  . I respect peoples wishes that research results should be sometimes kept under wraps (although i dont agree with it!)

I am out nearly every weekend in the spring and summer, with my donkey, elzo, with panniers laden with small field tent, rations and equipment experiencing as close as I can the bygone age.

In conclusion i will continue to browse and learn from the forum!

Ben Townsend

Just contribute and share and eventually you will see much of what we have in our research section on the general forum. We don't have a policy of hoarding information for our exclusive use, quite the opposite: we intend to share everything; but the research forum is a dumping ground for endless documents that are often contradictory, misleading or vague. The research forum is private mainly because its is a place for us to make arses of ourselves asking questions about the bleeding obvious. The danger of much of the WO research for instance is that one can seize on a specific order wuthout realising that it was countermanded within days, and then often countermanded again. It takes time to develop the full picture on some questions. For instance, the portmanteau question was fully explored there over some years, as was the issue of fusils to the 95th, which it eventually transpired were for boys to be trained with. The research forum allows members to collate information gradually, while exploring different avenues. This lets us  pursue lines of enquiry in a peer supported environment without feeling self-conscious. If anyone raises a question on the general forum about something we have discussed we happily share what we have found, and the sources which illuminated it. In fact lots of the best stuff comes from visitors to the general forum who have been generous with their specialist knowledge, so please get stuck in. We love to hear from fellow enthusiasts.

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