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Paul Durrant

File Partners - 'Comrades'

The use of the term 'Comrades' for file-partners:

From the Regulations for the RIFLE CORPS formed at Blatchinton Barracks... August 25th 1800 aka 'The Green Book' as published in the 1897 Rifle Brigade Chronicles:

Article III
The Interior Discipline and Economy of Companies

Arrangement of comrades.

"Every Corporal, Private and Bugler, will select a comrade of the rank differing from his own, i.e. front and rear rank, and is never to change him without permission of his Captain. Comrades are to have the same berth in quarters; and that they be as little separated as possible, in either barracks or the field, will form the same file on parade, and go on the same duties with arms, when it is with the baggage also. The Corporals comrade should either be the Chosen man, or some steady man of the squad, who can occasionally aid him in his duty; and the bugler's comrades the odd men of any two squads when there are any."

I must say I take exception to the Buglers ending up with "odd" men as their partners!
Paul Biggin

Sylvia, my baggage refuses to have my file partner sleeping with us

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