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Alan Earp 1/95

Festive Greetings 1813-4

On behalf of 1/95th may I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. Good to hear you survived the Nive so look forward to seeing you all in 1814.

God Save the King and his bloody, fighting 95th!
Ben Townsend

Merry Christmas to all the first battalion Alan. I hope you are spending it camping in a fort somewhere. I am in Italy and slightly underwhelmed to find out what they eat on Christmas day- chicken soup. No roast bird, no roasties or parsnips. Not even any stuffing!

And a Merry Christmas to all from the 2/95th mounted rifles.


Merry Christmas from Norway, look forward to seeing some of you not too far into the new year!

Happy Holidays and a Great 2014 to all the Lads and Lasses of the 1st Battalion from all the Lads and Lasses of the 2nd Battalion.
Paul Durrant

I'm not a lass....


That is All.
Paul Durrant

Bah, be like that! No Xmas cuddle under the mistletoe for you then!

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