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Hagman's roadie

Eastleigh, my first event.

Well I'm home, showered and seem to be wearing my jeans too high on the waist LOL.
What a wonderful weekend. Firstly I would just like to say a massive thankyou to everyone for making me feel so very welcome. To be intergrated into such a tight knit family is an absolute honour.
I had such a great time that any lows considered to be lows by the reasonable man have been wholeheartedly wiped out by the highs (when I say lows I mean rain, night-time noise and the cold).
Thanks for all the wonderful advice and on the spot tutoring from everyone, my brain is sparking with new info and readying itself for much much more.
Big thanks to Sjt Blake and Sjt Gower for being gentle with this most awkward of awkward men.
Andy for the advice, wonderful tales of past 2/95th adventures and the loan of a tent.
Ben for his wealth of information and loaning me his great coat.
Mark for his idiots guide to the British infantry rifle (I was listening intently along with the 3 year old LOL) and the awesome chilli con carne.
(sorry for abusing your axe mate  :oops: )
Recruiting Sjt Neville for parading us awkward men about and compering (I was listening to every word)
Curtis for advice and assistance during Sunday's drill session
Capt Rayfield for not noticing what a slovenly soldier I was  Smilie_PDT
Bob for his unique snoring, you truly are the night-time bugler (I kid)
Awkward man Paul and family, twas a pleasure to meet you all.
Finally and most importantly, the Ladies of the camp. Thank-you very much for all the tea, fine food and hard work keeping the men sustained. I am of course your humble servent  Smilie_PDT

I'm literally buzzing with excitment about my next event so roll on Kelmarsh.
Have a great time at waterloo and I'll see you soon.

Hello Simon.  I am really glad you had a good time, they are a great bunch.  Sorry Freya and I weren't there for the event but with the wedding this Saturday and having just brought a house we are like a couple of Jack Russel's chasing about.

I must raise one concern though, you said Sgt Gower was "gental" with you.  Would you mind sending me a description of the person purporting to be Sgt Gower?  if it is the same Sgt Gower we all know and love (to hate) then either he as been abducted, and cloned by aliens or he has seen the light and found religion.  But to be honest a simpler explanation is he has taken a shine to you, you have my deepest sympathy Simon I remember to well the last recruit he took a liking to.  I wonder what ever happened to him??

Anyway glad to have you abroad and look forward to meeting you soon
Hagman's roadie

of course both Sjt Blake and Gower are truly 'orrible, ruthless task-masters and nothing gets past them so when I say gentle I mean it in a
'I can still hear in one ear and the bruises are only from the neck down' sense  Smilie_PDT .

Good luck with the wedding by the way.
The Sarge!


glad you had a great time and suffice to say you wish to take the King's Shilling.

Look forward to the next time and sarting the process of your learnig the drill and becoming part of the many stories you heard over the weekend.

'Its a hard life in the rifles, if you can stay alive.'

Glad you had a good time Smilie_PDT
Ben Townsend

You took the shilling? Good grief, you're in for it now. A hard cruel world it is. They've had me chained under a dusty desk in The National Archives dressed in an orangatuan suit for over a year now. I'm only allowed out for events where I'm kicked and pelted with bananas. It could be worse, though; the prettier new recruits are combed and powdered and sent into the sergeants' mess. The rumour is, some of them never come out, or if they do, their minds are lost and they gibber aimlessly for the rest of their days.
Hagman's roadie

Wibble?  Smilie_PDT
Paul Durrant

...or get dumped in Durrant's tent!!!

Just wanted to say I'm sorry I'm missed you this weekend, glad you enjoyed it though, I've got to say since I signed up I never looked back since.
Hope to see you at Kelmarsh though(as long as this baby comes soon, I don't think I could take anymore of my wifes hormones!)
The Sarge!

all praying for ya brother.

take my advice and get Becks to have a curry, works 70% of the time they say.

This should be done in a more period way. Get her to straddle a 12 pounder. That will get things moving.

"Son of a Gun"

Dare I come in at this point?

If it's any consolation, my first public event was very wet.... Wellington Park '08... air beds make very good life-rafts y'know...
The Sarge!

Paul Durrant

Obadiah wrote:
This should be done in a more period way.

Ah, those Georgians!

(Sorry, couldn't resist it! I know I'm base. My most sincere apologise Becky....)

Like Dane since I joined I have never looked back.  Only because every time I do I see Sgt Gower glaring at me with thoses "any port in the storm eyes.... Shudder :-)

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