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The Sarge!

Don't just visit the book, visit the Real 2/95th Rifles

We shall be hiding ourselves away for the winter and re-emerging 24-25 Jan 2009 for winter training.

so if interested in taking the King's shilling and donning the jacket of green get in touch through the recruiter link on the main webpage to find out more.

you can use the link to the main website at the bottom left of this page to get there.

24-25 Jan!

That's going to be a cold one!

Yes Billy but we are the Bloody 95th first in last out.  (of the kings arms just up the road from Waltham)

On a serious note it really is a bloody good re enactors unit, it's been great fun and I have made a shed load of new friends and learnt so much (I even have a soft spot for Sgt Gower, itís in the field next to my house)  Thanks guys.

       2/95th Rifles Forum Forum Index -> Visitors Book
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