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Hi guys,
anyone going to the odyssey, would my girlfriend and i be able to join, how much would the initial outlay be, would we be able to buy kit straight away?, I have the welcome pamphlet from last year, does it need up dating?.

Hi Jay. Alas we will not be at Detling this year due to being at another event.

Please contact our recruiting officer for further details and event's etc.

Hope to hear from you very soon.


Sgt Dave
Ben Townsend

Hi Jay,
I expect you'll have a great time at Detling, even without any Rifle's groups. Careful you don't get drunk and bum-rushed into a redcoat regiment by accident!  Make sure you have a chat with Blakey, our recruiter. He's on honeymoon this week or something, so will be pleased to have someone to talk to.
Cheers, Ben
Paul Durrant

Hey guys - Jay's a publican!!!

We'll come to you Jay!
Ben Townsend

The Rifleman's arms! I like the sound of that.

I'm in negotiations at the moment over a pub in faversham, on completion i will be calling it THE RE-ENACTOR!, it has a huge garden which is ideal for living history and stuff.
Jay (ale master, formerly of the man of kent rochester).
The Sarge!


Sarge here,

we have a couple of events let this year, Cliveden 6-7 Sep and Dorchester 27-28 Sep.

Both details are on our events links on the web page.

you are welcome to attend any of them.

Just PM from this topic and we can discuss from there.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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