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COAM April 2013

So, the second public display event of the year and the AGM has just been and gone!

In all, we had 20 people attending including 3 recruits (in their very shiny fatigues).

Those who arrived Friday evening were treated to fish and chips (or just chips, or just fish, or even a pie) which I think most agree was the highlight of the weekend ;)

Those who didn't freeze overnight (or found themselves blowing up their air bed in the middle of the night) were gratefully woken by Satan in the guise of a cockerel at 3am!

Breakfast, as usual went great, until Paul Durrant forgot that he was cooking eggs and not pancakes.

We were soon fed and watered and in drill order for our first drill session. This session went as smooth as could possibly go under Sjt Gower and cpl-for-the-event Mr Sperring. Which culminated in a short tea break just to switch ourselves back on!

The second half of the drill session went much better with manoeuvres being pulled off like a gang of professionals (professionals at what, I'm yet to decide! lol).

Lunch was a wonderful leek and potato soup (that reliable sources inform that it was actually potato and leek) with some wonderfully fresh bread baked by a Mr Frank Morris!

The Display
We were greeted by a small but loyal crowd of visitors to the Museum, they were treated to very neat close order drill, however, I'm sure they were disappointed in missing the Light Infantry tactics.

After a short talk on kit and equipment from Sjt Gower, a loading competition was held between Rfn Dawson and Rfn Durrant. Due to a flash-in-the-pan, Rfn Durrant won quite easily (and also the fact his barrel is twice as wide as everyone else's). This was followed by a shooting competition between the Sjt and Rfn Durrant who took aimed shots at the barrel of gunpowder 100 yds away. Despite Sjt Gower's advantage of years of service, Rfn Durrant was the victor!

Saturday Evening
After the public had left us and the cold crept in, the 2nd 95th descended onto the school-house for it's AGM, which went rather well compared with many past AGMs. Unfortunately, this led to the rice going rather soggy, but still a delicious dinner from the ladies.

Sunday Morning
Awoken again by Satan's alarm clocks, (and deflated air-beds) the campers rose fresh and early to a clear but cold morning.
Somehow, Nick managed to cook the sausages before the bacon but at least no eggs were thrown about!

Shortly after arising, the much-beloved figure that is Barry Wilkinson turned up to try on his new cap and to join us in the sun.

Drill Session 1
This first session went swimmingly, we even managed to pull of some excellent Left forming manoeuvres (to which Sjt Gower exclaimed that we would do no more Left forms so as to not tempt the God's).
A short tea break followed

Drill Session 2
Sjt Gower played with the God's and lost. Left formings failed. So we resorted to the Right instead. Mostly because the public were watching.
Sjt Gower decided to do a dry run of the Display. This almost went ok after one or two restarts.

Lunch time arrived and the riflemen filled their bellies with hot spaghetti and breads. We were also visited by members past (and soon to be future) Marc and Penny Harding and Bob Jiggins.

Sunday's display started with a jig -  Literally onto the field and ended with a small but fearsome charge at the small crowd.

It was the turn of Rfn Morrison and Rfn Hail to complete 3 rounds in a minute. Rfn Hail unfortunately suffered from a few clicks and was beaten swiftly by Rfn Morrison.

It was then that Sjt Gower challenged Rfn Morrison to hit the barrel of gunpowder. However, after a Plunkett or two, the barrel was unscathed.

Winding down
The wind down began almost instantly and at 5 pm cars were brought onto site and packed up.

Thus concludes COAM 2013! See you next year![/b]

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