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Co-operation with Cavalry

Following from a 95th bugler's  account of the pursuit of the French from Santarem~

'The German hussars and the fourth heavy dragoons soon overtook us, and the latter carried our knapsacks that we might run and keep up with their horse at full trot, which we did, and came in sight of the enemy near to a place called ''Pumballe''[Pombal]'

(Wonder if Alan Larsen's unit would oblige the 2/95th?)

Where Duty Calls Me
the Experiences of William Green of Lutterworth in the Napoleonic Wars
Ed John and Dorethea Teague
1975 Synjon Books

Ben Townsend

Good idea. And when they are broken in to carrying our knapsacks for us, we can progress to this,

"On the 5th of January (1809), at 6 in the morning, we again marched, passing the worst roads, every step half way up to the knee, and the French advance guard keeping sight of our rear guard consisting of cavalry and one rifleman behind each cavalry man."

p.10 The Diary of a veteran, the diary of sergeant Peter Facey, 28th etc, ed. Gareth Glover, Ken Trotman Pub, 2007

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