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Ben Townsend

Civilian life

Some of the members of the 2/95th were involved in these shenanigans the other weekend. Cracking photographs from our 'friend-of-the-unit, Kevin of Devious Wolf photography, and his mucker, Coltrane Koh.

See if you can recognise any faces....
John Waller

Stunning! Where and what was it?
Ben Townsend

A private party (no public Smilie_PDT) at Felin Newydd House in Wales. Equidistant beween Brecon and Hereford.
John Waller

Very nice. I'm envious. You do need to get some nice sporting shotguns though smileybounce
Ben Townsend

Rifleman Biggin, our resident hunter-in-chief, does sport some appropriate pieces, but the rest of us were coping with the contents of a couple of guys' gun cabinets. Since at least half of the guests were travelling from abroad they didn't bring any shotguns- lets face it, its expensive and awkward.
I agree, something fruity in the fowling line would be wonderful, but with the state of my bank balance, I won't be adding anything soon.
And frankly most of us would have been better off with a blunderbuss or punt gun... I've never seen so many clays sail pass unscathed. Target shooting next year.
John Waller

I hear what you say. Never tried clays. When I used to target shoot I had enough trouble hitting something that wasn't moving. smileyembarrased

Enjoyed the photos.

Absolutely superb.
Most impressed by Townsends pea green quilt, Helena's snow queen outfit and Morrisons sideburns - I wonder where they ended up?
And as for Squire Killick!  
Gentlemen rankers! At least Billy and K kept to their proper station.

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