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Capt. William Hallon

Hi all,

Does anyone have the rolls available to be able to tell me which company of the 3rd Bttn. Captain William Hallen commanded at New Orleans?

Dave Lynch
Ben Townsend

Is it urgent, David? I can look it up if not. Before I begin, have you checked the memorialists? From memory, Surtees and Harry Smith were both present. Henry Stooks Smith lists Hallen's promotions but no further information.

Hi Ben,

Not at all.  Something that can be done when time and whim permit.

I've scanned my copies of Surtees; unfortunately, the editor of "Bugler and Officer" which contains extracts of Harry Smith's autobiography omits the passages regarding his service in America.

Ben Townsend

Presumably you have seen this account of a duel involving your officer?

An account of the trial was reported in The Ipswich Journal, Sat. Aug 13, 1808 (issue no 3919) under the heading ‘Wednesday Post’:
“At Chelmsford Assizes, on Saturday [4th Aug?] …
… Jonathan Layton, Lieut. Cane, and Lieut. Hallon [William Hallen], of the 95th regiment, were indicted for the murder of Brodie Grant, Captain in the same regiment. There was no evidence whatsoever but that of two countrymen, who saw 4 gentlemen go under the Cliff at Dovercourt, Harwich. They heard a firing of pistols, and saw 3 return. On going to the spot they found a man dead on the beach; but they did not know the persons of the prisoners. They were of course acquitted; but Lord Ellenborough observed; that there had been no pains used to prepare the prosecution, no Council having been employed. The County ought, his Lordship said, to make further enquiries in such cases. The death of a man ought not to be passed over with so little investigation. …”

I did.  Very interesting, and obviously did not present a stumbling block to his career, although it appears to have kept him from the Danish campaign.
Ben Townsend

Just checked Surtees, who messed with Hallen's company, and of course always refers to it as such. Numbers or letters are very seldom used, the company usually being ID'd by the name of the commander alone. It will be possible to get the number from Surtees' entry in the penultimate Rifle Green volume by Cardwell, rather than going to see the rolls. Cheeky shortcut. Plenty of incident described by Surtees.

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