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The inert comes with a very scary bit of sword with it,

Just finished browning mine,think it looks ok,cheers for the info Paul

Finished (I hope ) article below with Sword that comes with it.
Paul Durrant

Very nice Eric! Job well done.Smilie_PDT

Read the thread on Armae rifles - the one before this thread. It's only them that include the sword with the wallhanger.

From the good things I heard about Armae I was going to use them anyways so thats good to hear.

Also. there has been some talk of purchasing an inert, i was thinking, if it is ok ofcourse, will ian the friendly neigbourhood cung man be at at Kelmarsh as another thread says about taking your licens and getting a ready to go rifle, is that a viable option? and would Ian (i hope i have the right name if not sorry) be free to guide me to a worth while purchase.
Paul Durrant

If there is a trader at an event and you have a gun license, yes, you can buy a ready-to-go-weapon. The sword will be extra.

would i be looking to pay more if i buy a ready to go and would the sword be a match as ive heard thats a big problem#
Paul Durrant

There's no answer to that one - except that if you were there with the weapon you'd try a sword that matched!
Paul Durrant

Check out prices at:

Derbyshire Arms

Derbyshire are likely to be the guys you'd come across at a major event. But follow Eric's thread on Armae and see how much it ends up costing him. I'm guessing the same price as a ready-to-go but with the added bonus of not having to pay extra for a sword. They go for anything between 70-90 separate.)

We await Eric's final costing...

Regarding all in purchase of Rifle

Mines all done now

Rifle 475 euros (depending on exchange rate when you purchase effects it a few quid,mine worked out at 401.34!)

Drilling and proofing 75,not an immediate expense,as you can still lump it around inert

Browning 7 a bottle and a couple of hours work.

So all in a tadge over 480 for a working rifle,seems to be about the same as the other rifles around but you do get the sword which you have to pay for with the others.

I'll be at Newstead for people to examine the beast and see if it was worth it,seems to be.

So Justen 400 is the cheapest option as it takes weeks for the license to come through so you won't be firing it anytime soon.
Paul Durrant

Matelot81 wrote:

So all in a tadge over 480 for a working rifle,seems to be about the same as the other rifles around but you do get the sword which you have to pay for with the others....

20 for P&P to and from proofing - round it off to a straight 500

Still sounds a good deal.

Get them while stocks last!

Ah,good point,well put,

500 squiddlys ickies it is.

But if you ain't going to be firing it for a while,then 400 for starters   q2

that 400 cant be with a bayonet surely....

(oldy moment...."and dont call me Surely")

Yes,with sword
Paul Durrant

justen_smith wrote:
that 400 cant be with a bayonet surely....

...and surely you're not serious about asking this question after all we've discussed on this and the Armae thread???? q11

Woops yes Sword.

I just thought that 400 with a "SWORD" was really cheap, I figured that would be one of the ones where you pay an extra 80 or so pounds for the SWORD.
Paul Durrant

OK Justen. This is the very last mention of the 'sword.' business...

Yes, 400 WITH the sword was cheap - that's why Eric gave Armae a go. BUT THE RIFLE IS NOT LIVE. He will be sending it off to be proofed and converted. In the meantime, he has it in his hands and can drill with it, etc.

So, enough with the sword questions, please! (That may change as Armae now realise the UK suppliers sell it separately).

However, as a result of competition (presumably from the likes of Armae), West Point Albion have just recently reduced considerably their prices for a 'live' Baker. They have brought them down to 420 (not inc sword which goes for 75). This would put a finaol live-with-sword at 495..(plus a bit of p&p if not collecting).

Same with Derbyshire (non in stock) but Kranks has them at 499 (rifle only).

However, if it's any consolation Eric, they've non in stock and it's likely to be a waiting time of several weeks. If anyone else is interested, it might be worth putting an order in now (especially if you've just applied for license, etc).

PS: If dealing with any of the UK dealers refrain from calling a 'wallhanger' an INERT. To them an inert is like a deac - barrel and breech sliced, drilled and welded, etc, to prohibit any attempts at firing.
Paul Biggin

So have they got swords then ?
Paul Durrant

Yer a dead man Biggin! q6

heya chaps and chapettes,

Great news, i finally have a real job and a real wage, virgin railways, with a real income for once i may be able to afford a life at last, which means il actualy be able to have a hobby.

anyways ttfn,
Paul Durrant

Congratulations lad! Ten out of ten for perseverance!

Now start saving those pennies, learn to drive, and come and enjoy yourself!

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