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Brand new and need all the help I can get.

I recently decided to purchase a Baker rifle after seeing the Sharpe's series more times that the missus would like. We are having a city wide Dickens celebration this Dec. in Texas. I need the necessary equipment ie: uniform canteen pouches ect. so I can generate enough interest to possibly get more involved in a re-enactment program. Where are the best places to go to get the necessary equipment. My Baker is from the Rifle Shoppe. If I am posting this request where it does not belong, my apologies as I am brand new to this. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I am going to take pics of the booth and will post them.
Ben Townsend

Hi Tex,
Sounds like you are starting with a great gun. We have two leatherworkers in the 2/95th who produce our kit. One is on downtime at the moment, but the other, Paul Durrant, who posts here, is as fine a re-creator of period kit as you will find, though he won't tell you that. If you want someone closer to home, you could do worse than contact one of the 95th groups in North America. We have links with the 2/95th over there, who can be found here,
You might have to ask to join the Yahoo group.
Best of luck, Ben

PS If you find any black accoutrements carried by Baker armed Mexicans at the Alamo hiding in local museums, please send pics ;)
Paul Durrant

Remember the Alamo, Tex - and the Mexicans who were all armed with our old Bakers (accoutrements et al). We're convinced that there has got to be a complete set gathering dust out there!!!

Anyway, welcome to our forum and we welcome enquiries like yours as it feeds in to informing others.

Other than our rifles, boots and tents, we produce all our kit 'in house' so as to reduce cost. Dave Gower is our tailor, all hand sewn using original tailoring techniques and period patterns. As there is no original Rifles uniform of our period yet discovered (other than an officers tunic) we have researched it to death and feel we have come to as near-as-dammit an accurate uniform as we can.

As Ben said, I currently work on the leather accoutrements. We use a 26 hole blocked cartridge pouch circa 1804 as illustrated in Pierre Turner's excellent "Accoutrements of the British Army..." Again, we have yet to discover an original. Our sword belt and rifle sling are based on existing ones belonging to a British Volunteer Rifle corps 1803-1812. Our ball pouch is based on a couple again from a Volunteer corp whose founder mentioned in a letter that he was kitting his boys out with the same accoutrements as "Coote Manningham's Corps"

You can see some examples on our FaceBook page;

Further detail son our sword belt & pouch can be found on or research forum;

I can make you a set of leathers if you choose to go down that route but not sure how Dave is fixed...


PS: As Ben said, you're off to a good start with a Riffle Shoppe weapon. Very jealous!

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