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Black Bob's Standing Orders

Herewith a link to General Craufurd's Standing Orders for the Light Division, 1809 -11:

I think they merit a place here.
For me it is interesting to see the sequence of Bugle calls used to kick start the Division's march, the morning assemblage  of "Camp colour" men and the implied usual use of the "Music" (the Bands)  to start the march unless ordered otherwise:
Section II Article 2  1. "On all occasions of marching out of Camp,or Quarters ,or of marching after a regular halt upon the march, the Battalions are to march off by word of command (and with music unless ordered to the contrary)"

Lots of interesting stuff there and paints a picture of daily life on service.
Greg Renault

I love these SOs for their datailed instructions.

One of my peeves is that in my experience (Crown Forces, Canada) reenactors do not portray a schedule like the one Craufurd orders, with camp calls marking the assembly of units in successively larger formations.  He does not mention it, but the battalions usually formed in open column, right in front, ready to go (per Regimental Companion, and many regimental SOs).

By the way, I note that Craufurd stipulates that the default carry is not the LI shoulder arms (advance arms in the M&PE), but slope arms (p. 11, S. 3 & 6).

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