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Better late than never !

Thanks again Paul for letting me attend the Fort Amherst event and joining the fun

Being a hardened reinactment person from different periods, it was great to see the 2nd 95th in action.

I have already started collecting some basic kit, so I hope I can wear my own pants next time.

India Baker purchased, test fired barrel thanks to an RFD I know and now in bits as they are not that great a build, barrel browned and ready to go to the proof house. The lock needed help, made up some new parts and in the process of hardening.

The stock has been stripped and I hope to be staining this weekend.

I was very lucky to be able to put it up next to three real baker rifles to make comparisons.

I will probably upgrade to the lock cock to a more period flat one at some point in the near future.

Others kit - I have some Brogans from my other habit acw.

Things to find and sort out over the winter, personal stuff

Boots (acw ok)
Mess tin
Knife four spoon

Thanks again for guiding me to the Dutch website for some bits

Any spare stuff for sale list on my list, PM me please.

Are the dates out for next year 2017 - tooooo many questions


PS - don't post on the forum without glasses while using an iPhone on a train hahaha typo typo typo  q21
Paul Durrant

TBH, Brogans are usually a false economy and don't last very long.

Stock and gaiters: if you join us we'll be making them for you - patterns based on period originals.

There's very little you will need to buy from a re-enactment store. Aside from a Kn, Fk & spoon, tin plate/bowl and tin cup, the mess tin is about it.

What the hell is an Ascot?

I noticed in the evening some of the member using a black scarf around the neck. If not an ascot what is it called?
Paul Durrant

Ah, is that what an Ascot is...

(We don't approve of naked necks so after 'sundown' a piece of old black linen usually does the trick.)

So is that the correct wording ?
Paul Durrant

Ascot? No idea. Never heard of the term until you mentioned it but now that I've Googled a pic of it, I'm presuming that it's a later adaption of the formal neck stock gentlemen would have worn.

What we wear is basically a soft neck stock (an old rag!) but certainly nothing as formal as above...

But good honest leather from sun-up to taptoo!

Yep understand that, as I have seen them already. Ascots come in different types, not just the fancy ones

Soft stock or cravat then.

... no wound, but in the evening, as hpe was changing his dress, found a ball lodged in his black cravat.

Early period,  bottom of page 39

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