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Baker Rifle

The first inventor of a breech loading rifle was Major Patrick Ferguson ( Scot) He took a his weapons to the American War of Independence this is when the 60th Royal Americans used the Rifle. Major Ferguson was killed.
So Eziekiel Baker's design was used to supply certain Regiments in the british army ie the 95th.

Swift and Bold

Baker rifle


Many thanks for your post on our forum, for further information on the British Infantry Rifle (aka Baker) & Ferguson you might want to read our Rifle description & history
60th Rifles


Thanks Ian
All that information tells me that a lot of people had allsorts of design's, based on a common goal ,to produce the best Breech loading rifle.
Basically the 60th had it the 95th had it and 43/52 as they say it does what it says on the tin. Our battalion had a Baker rifle they had purchased fireing on the range in NI under the supervision of a REME Armourer

Celer et audax

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