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Baker Rifle

Hi guys,

I'm a potential recruit, I've had the welcome letter from your CO and the need to do/get list. Obviously I'm holding fire until I've been to one of your weekends.

One thing puzzles me a little and I wonder if you could help.

Do you guys use a smoothbore version of the Baker or is it an "authentic" rifled version. The Home office website isn't very clear concerning differentiating between different muzzle loading weapons.

If it's a smoothbore version, then it obviously comes under the shotgun regulations but by being rifled does it fall under the fullbore regulations and therefore require a Class 1 firearms certificate?

Look forward to meeting you all.


Dave H

Shotgun License

Hi Dave,

The British Infantary Rifle (Baker) that our regiment uses is a smooth bore barrel (20 gauge). Being a smooth boar it comes under the shotgun license. A license costs 50 and lasts 5 years
We hope to see you at one of our events soon.

Hi Dave, firstly thanks for my pormotion to CO, in fact I'm just a mere corporal.

In answer to your question we use smoothed bored weapons. This just makes life easier with the guns laws etc, and as we only fire blanks at re-enactments {shame} there is no need to have rifling.

There is nothing to stop you having a rifled barrel, it just means you have to have a Firearms Licence rather than a shotgun certificate. Also you would only be allowed to either blank fire or live fire as the rifle would have to be registered as such.

Each year we do get to have a go at live firing which is always good fun even with the smoothed bored rifles.

Anything else we can help you with please let me know.


how much

how much would i be looking to pay for a smooth bore or a rifled baker rifle so i can sort my finances out thankyou

Hi Justin, Rifles are a round 425 and about 85 for the sword bayonet. I have put a recruiting info pack in the post to you today.

See You Soon.


Wellill be dammed, i asked the same question 3 years ago, sorry about that.
Paul Durrant

Pity you hadn't bought one then - price has  gone up!


I had only just enough money to live back then :-).

ALthough the one person I spoke to (a supplier) said the rifle would cost me 2000 pound maybe a little bit less, according to this forum 400-500 pound.

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