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Baker Rifle Colour

A technical question about the 1805 Pattern Baker Rifle. Were the lock and ramrod browned similar to the barrel? Bailey's book is unclear on the subject, but the b&w photos seem to show that they were not. Anyone seen an original in good enough condition to have a definate answer?
Paul Durrant

Hi Harry, welcome to the forum.

Here's something from our archives from the Office of Ordnance, 1815.

Additional Instructions for Browning Arms.
The Barrel, with the Socket and Neck of the Bayonet only, are to
be Browned
; they should be rubbed over either with a fine File, or with
coarse Emery Paper, previous to their receiving the Browning Liquid, in
order that its effect may be the greater.
In removing the Oxid from the Surface of, the Barrel, &c. a Steel
Scratch Brush will be found more effectual than the hard Hair Brush; the
use of the Steel Scratch Brush is therefore to be adopted. This part of the
operation must be done with great care, as upon it depends the proper
Browning of the Barrel.
In moist Weather the operation of Browning must be performed in
as dry a situation as possible, for humidity upon the Oxid weakens its
effect, which must be carefully guarded against.
The Locks are on no account to be made of the Hardening Colour,
as the repetition of the operation of hardening has a very injurious

Office of Ordnance,
29th December, 1815.

For a modern take on this, when I browned my barrel I also did my lock -  and the application of intense heat that you have to do, warped some bits.
Not recommended.

Hope this helps


Baker Rifle Colour

Thanks, this is exactly what I needed. BTW, my Gunsmith came to the same conclusion and did not brown the lock.

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