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Advice to Soldiers 1782

Hello again
Whilst idling away last weekend in sunny Wiltshire on a pseudo- reenactment event where the rich and famous attended and gave Historical talks (and the management contrived to stop smelly, dirty and noisy Napoleonic reenactors disturbing them)  -a few of us bought a little pamplett entitled "Advice to Soldiers 1782".

It is the funniest thing I have read for years  -and gives advice to all ranks
on how to keep one up on everyone else and generally make life easier for yourself at the expense of others.

I don't know its historical pedigree or the original author but if its genuinely 1782 it is a valuable insight to life in the Army of that time.

I paid three quid for my copy -and that was for just a few extracts but I found the whole thing online at:

I expect many of you are already familiar with it - but for those who are not - enjoy!
Ben Townsend

Believed to be written by Francis Grosse, noted antiquarian and author.
Greg Renault

Google Books has a scan of a 1867 facsimile copy of the 6th (1783) edition.

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