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A soldier in the Highland Company?

I have the service record for my 3 x great grandfather James JOHNSTON or JOHNSTONE which shows he joined the Locahaber Fencibles in October 1798 and transferred to 95th Foot on 12th July 1800. He served as a private with 95th for exactly 10 years, transferring to 9th Royal Veterans Battalion on 12th July 1810. He was originally from Stirling and I believe the Lochaber Fencibles, although raised in the Highlands, had recruited at Stirling Castle. His time with the Veterans was, I believe, spent at Edinburgh Castle and he returned to Stirling after the Veterans were disbanded.
If possible I'd like to find out a bit more about where he served with the 95th and would appreciate any guidance on where I might find this info. Also, was 10 years a typical or fixed term of service? He seems to have joined fairly early on and presumably was in the 1st Battalion. Would that have applied throughout his time with the regiment?
Any advice gratefully received.

Ben Townsend

Hi Sandy,

Welcome to the forum. You will be able to trace your ancestor's activity in the 95th through the muster rolls and paylists, which detail the composition of particular companies on a monthly basis. Its possible to track an individual from company to company and place to place in this way. Changes of battalion are fairly common, especially upon promotion.
You will find the necessary information in the WO papers at Kew National Archives in London. When you visit, you will be able to photograph the necessary documents for your personal use.
Good luck with the search and let us know what you find!

Ben - is it possible to cut and paste here the bits we have on the Highland coy in the research forum??
Ben Townsend

There is an article on the main website about the Highland coy written by yours truly many years ago.

I think it contains most of the up to date info, but, as I say, its a bit old now, and our understanding changed so quickly in those first few years of research. Glancing through, I think its still valid, although the bagpipes seem a bit suspect to me (but then being a sassenach they usually do to me...)

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