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A Real Life Rifleman

I am writing to ask if your group takes an interest in the lives of former Riflemen and could possibly point me in the direction of any useful record sources? I have had some help from the 1st bn then I discovered your site.

My great great grandfather, James Power, enlisted in the second battalion in 1819 aged 18 and rose to the rank of Colour Sergeant before being discharged in 1844 due to chronic rheumatism. His service record shows that he was the brother of No 301 but as yet I have not discovered anything about his brother.

I know from the records held at the National Archives at Kew that he enlisted in Tipperary, Ireland, served in Malta and on Corfu but what else was the regiment doing between 1819 and 1844 and what would his life have been like as he rose through the ranks.

I have deduced that he married in 1838 and his eldest son was born at Windsor in 1841. Were the Rifles mounting guard on Her Majesty?

Great great grandfather must, in is early years, have served with men who fought at Waterloo. I also understand that the Duke of Wellington was the regimentís Colonel in Chief, would great great grandfather have ever been inspected by the great man or even been spoken to by him?

Any assistance gratefully received.

Ian Kitson

Hi Ian, thanks for your posting. I shall not repeat what Alan from the the 1/95th has written on thier forum. If you haven't already done so, you can look up other regimental records and information at the National Army Museum in London and the RGJ museum in Winchester.

Do you have any pictures of your Great Great Grandfather in his uniform? It would be great to see them.

It is great to hear about any Rifleman and their time they served as a Green Jacket.

I look forwards to hearing from you.


Hi there,

If your ancestor made a will you could try searching for that on the National Archives website. Also have you tried to get marriage and death certificates - these often provide useful information. You could also try the 1841 & 1851 census returns.

Thanks for your helpful replies. I wish I did have a picture of great great grandfather in uniform. He was invalided out of the Rifles in 1844 before I guess photography for ordinary people became both popular and affordable.

I had not thought of the National Army Museum or the RGJ museum so there are two more days out.

Will keep a watch on your site and will try and get along to one of your events.



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