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95th button: Made in India

Seems GMilitaria are now starting to pirate peoples buttons .      last page has the 95th  on and the GR button below which  says MilitaryMetalwork on it.
The Sarge!

Yep, that is a copy of our button, even down to the flaw we put in to recognize them.

I don't know where we stand on copies being made, but think we fall into we haven't got a leg to stand on bracket, as ours is a copy too, abeit with significant changes to ensure not passed off as an original.

Depends on if the actual mastering was made up  from scratch (ie.  built from nothing) or was simply a mould taken from an  original.
In the former case you have copyright because the actual  workmanship is original,  even if the design isn't.
In the latter you have almost none since there isn't any original workmanship involved, even if you added a few extra elements.

You have to  separate the design from the work.  Repros are all using pre-existing design so  you can't stop anybody else using the same visual  configuration and shape.  It's the originality  of the workmanship  that becomes the important factor.

I have an interesting situation that the Foot Guards from the actual  army who  did the Gates  of Hougomont ceremony all  had full 1815 kit, including crossbelt plates and cartridge box plates.  As far as I'm aware  no  body else produces them, or if they do  they have pirated my  actual  work.  I'd certainly be interested to  see somebody elses repro of them if they have for a comparison.
I know the Coldstream's had somebody copy my buttons for them, but that was resolved as a bit of a misunderstanding as they were pirating a pirated version already.

well  a small degree  of success.  

I sent an email of complaint  and at least have them removed from the website.  I suspect they will still email  customers with details and  manufacture them when inquiries come in, but at least they are so obviously visible.

I mentioned the 2/95th button , by association, in my letter, so  seem to have got that removed as well.

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