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vincent breslin

2nd/95th rifles stationed in benbeg co. Donegal ireland

I am researching the above and would welcome any information/ advice . Brigade members were stationed there to guard a wireless station used by the north atlantic fleet during the 1st world war. If anyone has any information i would welcome same . Vincent BReslin q6

Hello Vincent
You have completely the wrong time period for us.
The 95th became the Rifle Brigade in 1816 and there our interest ends.
Paul Durrant

Hi Vincent,

As Eddie pointed out, it's not really our era. Have you tried the Regimental Museum in Winchester? Looking through the various battalion placements for WW1, other than the 3rd Battn. being in Cork in the August of 1914, I can't see anyone else in Ireland ;

Try also:

Do you have any other information - dates? Might it have been the Royal Irish Rifles?

That aside, one of our colleagues may have information in the Rifle Brigade Chronicles...

After the 95th  Rifles became the rifle brigade, the 95th number was re-allocated to a Nottinghamshire regiment, eventually merging with the 45th foot to become the 45th Sherwood foresters ( Nott's and Derby regiment).

The Sherwood foresters(2/5) did serve in Ireland during ww1 so it may be the place you want to look
vincent breslin

Who was charles harsant?

Concerning rifleman Charles Harsant
Service no 6908830 - died 18-5-1921
He was the son of John T Harsant, 4 Bushby Rd. Homerton, London
His grave in bunbeg co. Donegal ireland states:
2nd battalion rifle brigade accidentally shot.
My instinct would have me believe that he was stationed there to guard the wireless station.
Anyone who could shed more light on him or his colleagues or any advice would be welcomed.
Ben Townsend

Hi Vincent,
It would certainly be worth your while to get hold of a copy of The Rifle Brigade Chronicle for 1921 through Abebooks or similar. Although your man is not mentioned, there are two accounts of 2RB's year. It was spent on internal repression in Ireland fighting what they refer to as 'Sinn Feiners'. The duty was very unpopular with the regiment.
Between 18-20 May the 2nd battalion, which was distributed in detachments over quite a wide area, composed part of an expedition (with KOYLI elements) to sweep NW Donegal. They captured a man who had fired at a police car, and some salmon poachers.
Over the course of the year, the battalion was constantly, but ineffectively engaged by armed guerrilla forces. Apparently there were no casualties from enemy action.

Regards, Ben Townsend
vincent breslin

Thanks ben- your information is of invaluable help and i will follow up on your suggestions. Its interesting that you mention poaching. One was shot dead on the local river- i believe him to be the only casualty in the locality during the war of independence.
My thanks and good luck to all.
Vincent breslin

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