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2/95 deserter - Elba

Check out @ 1.47   and  3.05
Ben Townsend

My cover is blown. Another report here,

Some excellent groups were present. The Czech grenadiers are top class, huge fellows and the bonnets really do give the impression that they are even bigger. The 8eme ligne were there, again a very good group and in big numbers. For some perverse reason they don't wear shakos though, persisting in the pre 1806 hat- a shame. Plenty of other quality acts from all over the planet and especially the cops of music from the largely german 18e ligne- a spectacular drum major!

This looks like a Court Martial.
Your unit was on active service in the low countries fighting off hordes of Lancers and you were seen elsewhere in civilian attire openly supporting the exiled French tyrant. There was a cockade on your hat but I could not see if it was a Tricolour.

It looks too serious for a flogging  - desertion to the enemy -  Dammee Sir you may have to be shot!

Though I must admit it was the opportunity of a life time and looks a great event. I would love to be at the re-enactment of his landing at the start of the 100 days.
Ben Townsend

Not so quick, bugler Edwards! This was a secondment on intelligence gathering duties. Mitchell of the 95th also had to contend with the annoyance of his fellows when preferred to Wellington's intelligence branch ;)

The cockade is that of Elba under Napoleon. The flag was white with a red band and three gold bees symbolising harmony, industry and economy. It translates into this rather natty cockade.

As for the landing next year, more than happy to arrange for you to be invited in mufti. As long as you are not concealing a pistol!


I am somewhat mollified by your explanation and may well take you up on your offer - so for now my cat is back in its bag !

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