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'Not for the reenactor on a budget'

The sheer arrogance of this seller irritates me - his work is very neat but falls far short of his description!!  I contacted him a while  back offering a bit of advice and he clearly didn't need any as he had seen some pictures of Rifle caps in a couple of books. He was not impressed by re enactors or their forums. As a well known friend of mine often says ' There is no shame in being ignorant - but there is in choosing to remain ignorant' .

So as a Christmas challenge - lets see how many errors we can find on what is purported to be a 'enlisted' cap ?

1. Cloth cocade:  Should be  leather and certainly not silk
2. Plume:  should be wool
3. Button : Should be regimental
4. Felt:   O/R's using fur
5. Peak is turned up in brim (lipped rather than  flush)
6. Sweatband  is internally mounted under the peak rather than integral to  the beak  stitching.
7. Buglehorn.  (Well get a copy  of an original.  They exist)

1. External  plume holder
2. Shellaced.   Not used until the 1830's for general  hatting
3. Peak should be square
4.  Hardly up  to 1815, since we now know they  switched to  1812 caps.
5. It's a cap  not a shako

Ps... not part  of the hat,  but  if you supply German  Silver numerals  it's hard to  be authentic since  the metal was  developed  until 1830 in Germany and 1832 in England.
It would be  Paktong, and was an expensive import from China and  German silver was developed to imitate  it.  It was known and  used earlier,  but was expensive and uncommon and wouldn't have been used for O/R numerals.
It would have been tinned brass  or iron.

Why waste your time on it. LOL. Anyway I think Neibelungen has covered most of the errors.

I wounder if I'll meet him out in New Orleans next month.


Anything that  uses the words 'Authentic'  and  'Sharpe's Rifles'  in the same sentence.  

Well.....  Enough said.

Tee hee hee. I've just sent him some questions regarding the cap. I'll let you know what he says.


Thanks Neibelungen - yes that's my list though I personally doubt the veracity of the plaited cords for  OR s.( 2/95 people will groan when they read this but we ain't perfect) Of course the cords are hung in 'the British style' ????

The dimensions at ' 8 1/2" high  - This last is an authentic dimension'  Based on what source ???? - the general feeling is that they were around 7" because extant originals have just about room for the 6 1/4" plate plus the  radius of the cockade to allow for fixing the button.

I would have no great problem with it if he presented it as an Officer's cap where there would be more latitude to doll it up a bit.

When I contacted him I was polite and suggested it had a lot of Officer features but I did not name them - he  agreed and moved the conversation on. I doubt whether he even knew what I was talking about.

And Dave as to why waste our time? Well its a bit of a Christmas game just for fun. I would feel sorry for anyone  who is gullible enough to buy it and wear it to an event to be laughed off the field by other 95th re enactors or directed to the fancy dress party down the road. That or told to take all that crap off it.

OK enough said I will finish with the funniest lines of the summary "Handcrafted in America by the hemisphere's most accomplished restorer and replicator of military headgear. Using meticulously researched patterns and background information"  My God.

Happy Christmas to all our readers
Ben Townsend

Give the guy a break! His information isn't perfect, but since he's made the damn thing, he needs to sell it before he can build another with the info you have provided. And the caps are well-made, and he isn't trying to pass them off as original, unlike virtually every militaria dealer on the web!

Anyway, in the spirit of goodwill unto all men, what would you all like for Xmas?

Serjeant Dave has indicated on his Facebook that he just wants to avoid his extended family, and have a pair of regimental pantaloons without holes in the nether places.

I would like a new light cavalry walking-out dress in nankin like the one on my new blog, here,

Ben - Yes its Christmas and I suppose we should cut him some slack - especially as the write up about himself indicates he is close to being a Deity and he probably sitteth at the right hand of God the Father. Best military cap maker in the Northern Hemisphere - forsooth !

For Christmas I of course want an original British Napoleonic bugle in Copper with brass garland around the bell. I would point out that I have been a very good boy this year.

I got a reply from the guy selling this cap. His response is as follows:-

"While the shako in question was constructed based on sound research, I've found 95th fans to be all over the landscape on what they believe is correct. We tend to shy away from British material anyway {our focus is on the restoration of French First empire cavalry armor and helmets}, and this piece is left over from and old project."

I will ask what the sound research is.
Hagman's roadie

So, reading between the lines, the cap was based on poor research because 95th groups can't agree on what's correct and it's not his field of expertise and was cobbled together from another project.
Seems legit.

Brought and paid for, needed a legit cap. Can't wait to see what ladies I can impress with this thoroughly researched cap.

It is the most amazing *cough*pile of excrement*cough* I have seen on ebay for a while.

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