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Mercian Pete

"Acquire and Keep" or "Acquire only"?

Just starting my shotgun certificate application process off.  Can you advise re the explosives certificate - do I need "Acquire and Keep" or "Acquire only"?

I think I've had conflicting advice as a consequence of talking to 2 or 3 groups before "setting my course"!  Sorry to be full of daft q's on the forum at the moment q15

Acquire only unless your going to stockpile it at home in case of attack.

Acquire means you can use at events when issued it for rounds,etc

Acquire and keep is more for the powder officer
Mercian Pete

Very much obliged!
Paul Biggin

Go for an Acquire and Keep its free, that way if you find some place to shoot, out side of re enactment events, you can buy powder and store it at home. the max amount you will be able to hold is 15kg, which plenty.
You will need to get a purpose made storage box, but don't buy one as you can easily make your own for a fraction of the price that some people sell them for.
Ben Townsend

Two different views. Both valid. If you are intending to use blackpowder purely at re-enactments then you need an acquire only.  If you are planning to fire at your local range or similar then you can apply for an acquire and keep.  As with all applications, you will need a good reason and need to be able to demonstrate that reason- ie membership card of re-enactment society, letter from shooting club etc.
Mercian Pete

ben wrote:
need to be able to demonstrate that reason- ie membership card of re-enactment society, letter from shooting club etc.

Ben - are you saying that there is no point in applying for a shotgun certificate until I have been accepted as a member of, say, 2/95?
Ben Townsend

Different Police forces have slight variations in criteria, but since you have to demonstrate just reason to possess a gun, if you apply before joining a group,  I would expect them to put your application in process, conduct interviews and visit, and then recommend that you contact them when you have a membership card to show.

In a nutshell, apply now, but don't expect to receive it until you have joined a club.
Mercian Pete

Shotgun and Acquire and Keep Explosives Certs have been received and my Baker is currently at the Birmingham proofing house. Just to say that for anyone contemplating going through the process, that my local police were quite happy with my explanation of why I wanted the certificates. More concerned with ensuring the security arrangements are up to standard. Thanks to Ben and everyone for guidance.

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